Saturday, August 3, 2013

Organizing Emmett's Room

In 2008 when Trevor was born we had NOTHING ready.  He came so early we hadn't even had the baby shower yet.  This time, we have been better about getting things ready.  This process has of course been bitter sweet, preparing for Emmett and remembering Trevor at the same time.

When Trevor was born there was no pinterest meaning no cute ideas!  I have found some great ideas for not only decor but for organization as well.  This week we started with the closet.

We started with an organization system (the closet only had a shelf and a rod to hang clothes on).  We first bought a set off of and it was too complicated and not adjustable.  So off to Lowes we went and bought this system which is fully adjustable and easy to put up!

The next thing to go up in the closet was the nursery organization set.  Again, I saw this system on on pinterest and had to order it.  Luckily it came from and was very reasonable.  Click here to see the product.

The next organization project was the diaper changing drawer.  We bought a new dresser to match the crib.  I wanted to be able to put a changing pad on top and use it as a changing table.  I designated the top drawer to house diapers and wipes.  I bought a few bins from dollar tree and I love the results.

That is all for now.  Dominic and I are going to Lowes this week and plan on buying some wall shelves as well as the window blinds.  I will post more pictures soon!

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