Saturday, July 27, 2013

Emmett's Room

Emmett's room has been a work in progress.  Here are some pictures of the progress we have made this week.

Painting the ceiling

Starting the Paint

Ripping up the carpet

Starting the new floor

Flooring and Paint is done

New Glider and Ottoman

The new decals!

The new crib

The new dresser (and like every room in our house, a fish tank)

I feel like this time around we are much more prepared than we were when Trevor was born.  We just need to put the closet organizer up, cover the windows and order an area rug.  I also need to put the pack and play up in our room (since that is where he will sleep for the first few months).  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Growing Belly Update

Here are the pictures we have done since the last time I posted pictures.  Weeks 24, 28 and 31.  

24 Weeks

28 Weeks

31 Weeks

31 Weeks Update

A friend of mine suggested I update my blog!  Oops.  I have been very busy this summer and haven't updated in a while.  I have taken some photos that I will post later.

I have a hard time believing I am 31 weeks.  In some ways it feels like I have been pregnant forever but in other ways it feels like it is flying by.

Getting ready for Emmett has been really hard for me.  We have a small house and we needed to "reuse" Trevor's room for Emmett.  The problem is I hadn't gone through Trevor's things since he died. The day he died, my father in law came to our house and took the various toys and such that were in the living room and put them in Trevor's room.  So we literally had EVERYTHING in that room.  The room was my sanctuary.  I found myself in there when I needed to feel close to Trevor.  I knew I had to one day deal with going through his things but I wasn't prepared for how hard it would be.

First of all I can't get over how much stuff one baby had - clothes, toys and equipment...unreal!  I have kept about 3-4 rubbermaid tubs of things to keep (things I can't bare to part with, things that are Trevor, toys that even still smell like him). I have also given some of his things to close friends and family as well as donated clothes he never wore.  I also kept somethings for Emmett.  I want Emmett to have a fresh start.  I never want him to think he lives in his brother's shadow, but I want him to know about his brother at the same time.  It is certainly a tricky balance and one I never thought I would have to deal with.

So what are we doing in the room?  An under the sea theme!  First of all I couldn't justify buying an expensive nursery set like I did with Trevor's jungle theme.  You never really use the comforter or the crib bumper, so it seemed wasteful to me.  Instead, we painting the room an ocean blue (see below) and putting up wall decals.

I instantly fell in love with these decals on etsy.  Of course the colors will be different as well as the name.

For the crib we are doing a very cute mesh bumper with plain sheets.  Below is the stock photo from Target.

I promise to post pictures of the nursery once we are finished.  This week we plan on starting the painting (and by "we" I mean Dominic!) and starting the new floor this weekend.

Thank you Susie for reminding me to post a new blog.  I will be better about of my belly bump and Emmett's 4-D sonogram to come!