Monday, April 22, 2013

19 Weeks

I realized today that we didn't do an 18 week picture.  So I decided to do one today so that I don't forget.  I am about halfway through my pregnancy - hard to believe!  Since I will have to have a c-section, I am 20 weeks away instead of 21.  As of now I will have our sweet boy on September 10th.

Last week Dominic and I "finalized" our name choice.  With Trevor I never had any funny looks or comments about his name.  However this time is different!  I have gotten a few sour faces and a few odd comments.  Oh well, I have to remember that this is our baby and WE chose the name.  By the way his name is Emmett James Ulrich (the James is for my dad and his big brother).

My latest craving has been bread and butter.  It all started with a recipe I found on Pinterest.  Its called "the bread" and Oh My it is super easy and super yummy!  I never thought I would crave bread and butter (how simple)! **You can click the word bread to get the recipe**

My 19 week picture is below.  Dominic was making fun of my pose and smile which made me laugh and I had to use this picture!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We are Having a....


We went today for my anatomy scan and found out that we are indeed having a precious baby boy!  He measured 9 ounces and everything looks great!  My placenta is up high and he was head down.  With my first pregnancy, I had placenta previa which never resolved itself causing me to deliver at 33 weeks.   So to see the placenta up high was a reassuring feeling.

I loved seeing my sweet baby boy today.  He was a little uncooperative though.  The tech had a tough time getting him to move.  When the doctor came in to scan me, my little one decided to really show him his "goods".  You can see in the picture below, my son grabbing himself.  My they start young!

He certainly made us laugh today and cry (happy tears of course).  Dominic and I couldn't be happier to "be" parents again.  We can't wait to meet our precious little miracle!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

17 Weeks

This week was beyond stressful.  Nothing with the baby, just other things that I can't discuss right now.  This little one fluttering around is what helped me remain positive this week!  I am feeling very blessed to have this amazing little baby growing inside.  I can't wait to meet him/her.  Tuesday is the day we find out what we are having, I will be thrilled either way. The battle of the names will begin as soon as we find out :-)

Below is my week 17 picture.  I see other pregnant women's weekly pictures...wish I was as petite and cute as them.  LOL oh well!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 16

Week 16 is actually almost over.  This week I felt the baby for the first time.  I felt some little flutters, there is nothing better!  I don't feel them all the time, but when I do, it gives me chills.  The baby's heartbeat remains around 160.  I can't wait to find out what we are having (We find out April 16th).  Below is my week 16 photo.

On a totally off topic note, we are going to see Theresa Caputo tomorrow.  She is going to be at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore.  I can't wait!  I am hoping Trevor comes through.